Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hey There Tucson

It finally happened! I had my summer fun, said the hard goodbyes, and now I’m back in Tucson where I belong (for nowJ). I love that nervous rush I get when I’m starting a new adventure. It makes me feel like I’m living life right; meeting new people, moving into a new place, and experiencing all the new feels! There’s nothing like it.

Now that I’m here the hard work begins. The first steps I take now will set the tone for the entire year! So I’m gonna get on it. 

Here’s what my goals are for the last days of August:

Decorate the apartment. This is where I’ll spend so much of my time this semester and it’s incredibly important to make it feel like home. These white walls are a little too sterile for me so I’m gonna pin up some sarongs, steal some paint squares from Home Depot and print out a bunch of pictures!

Get close with the new roomies. The most important part of making a place feel like home is having a family. I didn’t have the greatest experience with my roommates last year and I’m determined to make this semester better.

Get back in touch with the old friends. Good lord I missed those fuckers. One in particular is my person and I can’t wait to wrap him up in a big ole hug.

Foooood! Is there anything more depressing than an empty fridge? Probably, but not to someone as hungry as I am.

Get a job. The thing about food, gas, food, rent, food, and college is they cost money. Hence the need for a job.

Enjoy the new classes. The major plus of being a junior in college is I’ve moved through all my gen eds and am finally getting to the good stuff. Classes I chose myself and am very excited about.

HAVE FUN! It’s important to have a plan going in, but I always consider my plans more of guidelines. Something new and unexpected will always pop up and there are zero things wrong with that. Whatever parties I’m invited to, whoever new shows up and wants a friend, I’ll roll with it and enjoy the process

What are your first priorities when you move somewhere new??