Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stress-Beating Strategies

Earlier today I posted about the kinds of things that stressed me out. Some of them, anyways. I didn’t even start to cover insecurities about my college life, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I mentioned my worries, but I didn’t go into a lot of detail about how I break out of that mode and get back to myself—my happy, positive self.

I have a few different strategies, and I use them all in different situations depending on just how low my self-esteem has sunk. I hope some of them come in handy for those of you who occasionally struggle to remember how fucking amazing you really are.

Take some extra time to get ready. When I wake up in a bad mood and know I’ll be self-hating all day I try to nip it in the bud as quick as I can. I make sure to take a long shower, do my makeup extra nice, and cook myself a good breakfast. I wash away the negativity with anything that can be good in a morning.

Lay on some tough love. This is for when I’ve been in a mild funk for a long period of time. I look in the mirror and tell myself, “Enough. You’re beautiful and it’s time to accept that. Now pull yourself together.” I can’t do this for anything worse than being sort of down. There’s a fine line between tough love and verbally abusing myself.

Exercise. I don’t mean I take a light run and feel better. I work.the.fuck.out. I play the most intense, badass playlist I can find on Spotify—something that makes me feel out of control angry—and I go hard in the gym. I’ll spend two hours in there running, lifting, stretching, anything that gets my blood pumping and my muscles crying. If I can walk a straight line when I get out of there, I didn’t go hard enough.

Take a breath. A really deep one. The best advice I ever got when I was going through a rough time was “Keep breathing.”

Have a cry session. Sometimes I reach the point of no return. I find a private spot and I let the tears flow free. It’s really therapeutic when I stop bottling everything up and let it loose.

Ask for help. I hate the mindset that anyone who asks for help is weak. I’m guilty of this sometimes and I need to stop. There’s nothing wrong with going to a friend and letting them help you out of a worry hole. Even if they just listen to you vent or give a good hug, let them be the good friend they are and help you out!

These work for me, but everyone has different needs at different times. I think an important moment for me is realizing what kind of mood I’m in and knowing that (if it’s bad) I shouldn’t take myself seriously and it’s time to employ any number of these tactics. That way I can return to actually being me J

What do you do to beat stressing out? Leave a comment!