Friday, August 28, 2015

Surviving the 1st Week of Classes

The first week of class is officially over! This is my 3rd year at the University of Arizona and I’d like to think I’ve learned a couple things in my time here. The 1st week has always been fun for me because there’s so much anticipation. Everything is brand new and sparkly, and I temporarily forget how incredibly stressful the next four months will be. That doesn’t last too long but I’ll be damned if I let myself ruin the 1st week by worrying.

To help ya’ll reach the same healthy state of mind, I’ve got a list of tips that’ll make the 1st week easier.

Don’t buy books beforehand. Seriously, don’t do it. They’re not necessary for the first week. Also, avoid the official bookstore if you can. There are a bunch of websites that offer discounted and even free books!

Go to office hours!!! This one is really important. A lot of people say you should introduce yourself to the professor after the 1st lecture. Don’t do this. Everyone’s heard this advice and you end up in this awkward line where the professor remembers nothing but a row of faces. Showing up at office hours shows that you care enough to take time out of your day to introduce yourself. It leaves a much better impression.

Make a good impression. Dress up. Do your hair. Look your best. I love knowing I look good. Starting off the semester on a high note is incredibly important. It sets the tone for the year! Do it right!

Talk to people! I’m still working on this. I get a little quiet when I’m in new situations, but some of the best friends I’ve made here have started with a hello in a class.

Don’t feel bad about slipping on workouts. It’s a busy week, and there’s a lot going on. Do what you can and feel good about it!

And most importantly…

Get involved! I was too busy being overwhelmed my freshman year to actually become active in the community. I got it together my sophomore year and joined a couple clubs, but even that wasn’t good enough. So this year I’m determined to do everything I can! It’s important to give yourself a support base of strong friends, and it’s hard to do that if you don’t go out and meet people.

I’m on my last two years here, and time seems to be going crazy fast. Hopefully I can take some of my own advice and make the best of my college career. 

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