Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Intro

I have a goal for this blog: I want it to be unfiltered. I think life requires people to put a certain spin on what comes out of their mouths (I’m definitely okay with this. Some people need a filter) and this is gonna be my reprieve from all that. What I say on this blog is what I think and how I feel. I don't want to limit my posts based on whether or not the content is PG, and not all of it will be. Everything that happens to me, and I mean everything, has the option of being written about. Because of this I think I’ll be going a little anonymous. Not full blown youcan’tseemyface kind of anonymous, I’m just gonna keep my name on the DL.

So you can call me Ellie Burns J I’m a (mostly) happy redhead and I’m doing my best to live my life exactly how I want it. I’m going to school at the University of Arizona and someday soon I’m going to teach highschoolers. I’m officially warning you that I swear like a sailor and have been known to drop the occasional fuckbomb.  My interests are constantly growing and changing because I’m always open to a new experience. Even if it doesn’t go down well, at least I know for sure what I do and don’t like. I 100% enjoy travel, reading, exercise, and stuffing my face (hence the working out). Actually the list of things I enjoy would take up this entire page, but those are the biggies. I’m close with my family and I have a great group of friends. They’re my lifeline.

The idea of Slightly Flighty popped into my head during a camping expedition when it became clear to me how temporary my life is right now. Since I left for college two years ago I haven’t spent more than four months in the same location or, more importantly, in the same frame of mind. I’ve tried blogging before but didn’t have the motivation to stick with it. That’s gonna change this time around and I can’t wait to see where this thing takes me.

My open mindedness is very applicable to meeting and talking to new people. If you feel like you have any ideas or opinions for my blog, want to write a guest post for me, or just feel like talking to someone new you should feel free to email me! I’m excited to start this thing up and show ya’ll what I’m about.