Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Like My Butt

I have a few insecurities about my body. Logically, I know they’re bullshit and I’m hot, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling them. One of the things I very rarely have a bad thought about is (you already know where I’m going with this) my ass!

My ass is straight up awesome. I fill out my jeans. Squats aren’t necessary to make it pop (though they totally help out). The men in my life have told me multiple times how great it is. This all adds up to something I figured out my freshman year of high school: I got myself a moneymaker!
As much as I’d love to spend an entire post talking about how amazing my booty is; that’s not my main point. Here’s what I’m really here to say:

There’s nothing wrong with telling people how amazing you are.

I repeat; NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! Of course the first step is simply knowing in your heart that there’s something (lots of things) great about you. That’s how I started off. I had to acknowledge that I’m beautiful. A hundred people could’ve told me that I had a nice butt and it wouldn’t have mattered until I said it myself.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying I go around ass first and tell people constantly how great it is. That would be ridiculously weird and there's a difference between confident and braggy. What I’m saying is when someone compliments me on how I look, my response is “Thank you.” I don’t immediately switch into self-deprecating mode. I accept the compliment and know it’s true. I don’t put myself down, which is something I feel way too many people do. It’s some kind of strange self-defense mechanism that kicks in when we’re not totally sure of ourselves. I used to be the girl who apologized for everything I did, who didn’t think I was as pretty as the skinnier or curvier girls, who relied on other people for confidence.

I’m not that girl anymore. And I hope it takes everyone a lot less time than it took me to get to this point of confidence and independence. It’s really important to be able to admit your upstanding points. We can have flaws and still acknowledge that we’re beautiful people. The two aren’t mutually exclusive!

Anywho, this post got real cheesy real quick, but I’m gonna stand by it. Having the ability to say how amazing you are in any number of ways will be helpful in every aspect of your life. The people around you will appreciate it, job interviewers will be impressed, and you won’t be dragging yourself down. Trust me, it’s a good feeling.


What’s something amazing about your body? Personality? In general?