Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Body Health

So right now I’m sitting on a yoga mat with a bag of ice on my shoulder and every once in a while I switch it over to my knee. It’s actually hurting so bad that the pressure of the ice is making it sting. No Bueno.

I want to talk to ya’ll about taking care of your body. I don’t think life is worth it if you’re not body happy and soul happy. Notice also the words I’m using here: body healthy. Body happy. Not thin, not strong, not fat, not jiggly, not firm; HEALTHY. That’s gonna be a different standard for every single person who reads this, I’m just letting you know what it means to me and how I (sometimes) achieve it.

So let’s talk about body health. That means a different thing for me now that I’ve started rugby. It doesn’t always mean I’m at my best, it just means I’ll work towards my best as often as I can. Here’s how I do it:

The three basics that help everyone are these:

  1.   Drink a shit ton of water. Seriously, it’s a good thing if you’re constantly peeing. And don’t just chug a glass and think you’re good. DRINK IT. IN SIPS. OVER THE COURSE OF THE DAY. Seriously, all you have to do is run a google search to know that drinking water has a ridiculous amount of health benefits, and it’s so easy to get. Just do it.
  2. SLEEP! This is a difficult one for me for two reasons. One, I’m a college student and I have homework that I enjoy putting off till the last minute. This means a lot of stressed out late night. Two, I’m rooming with three freshman girls who party constantly. At first I was thinking it would be nice to hang out with them and get super close so we could all be besties. I’m now calling myself out on that bullshit. If I have to change something, even just a little thing like my sleep schedule, to get close with a person, then they aren’t really worth getting close with in the first place. That’s a very stubborn view, I know. But that’s how I feel. Take me or leave me, just don’t keep me up till 2 AM on a school night.
  3.    Eat. I’m not even gonna go into how you should eat (right now) just as long as you’re eating at least three meals a day with a couple snacks thrown in. Starving yourself is terrible! Even if it’s not full blown anorexia and you just don’t have time for breakfast, you’re hurting your body. Stop it. Also, if you do have an eating disorder, I am 100% supportive of you to find help wherever you can. Ignore the stigma and the assholes who will judge you for a disease you can’t help having and tell someone. There’s always a person willing to help, including me if it comes down to it.
So now you know the basics and I can stop writing!

Ha, no of course not. 
Those are the little things that work for everybody. Seeing as this is a blog about me, I think I’ll go into greater detail of how I keep me, myself, and my body healthy. Maybe some of you can relate!

I push myself. I’m a competitive person. So when I’m at practice, or at weights, or just at the yoga practice I go to sometimes I’m constantly striving to be better. To hold that pose longer. To keep up with Tina, who is an absolute running machine. To see my muscles grow. I’m not forcing myself to do something I don’t enjoy, it’s just how I am.

I try to avoid guilt. This one’s tough, and I actually didn’t succeed today. But I’ll be better tomorrow! I won’t beat myself up for eating a toaster strudel (good god they’re delicious).

I make at least one healthy decision per day. Foodwise, I mean. Even if it’s at a place like Chipotle where it’s sort of impossible to be truly healthy, I make my order as healthy as it possibly can be. I force myself to eat spinach at home (and then move on the good stuff). It’s not always pretty, but it’s worth it when you really start to feel good.

I take vitamins. Currently I’m taking fish oil, vitamin C, biotin, and B12 supplements. When you’re pushing yourself as hard as is required in rugby you need the extra push. And no I’m not talking about steroids! I’m literally wearing down my body with all the running and tackling that we do. So the vitamins help build it back up. I actually wish I could take more but I’m a little broke right now.

I listen to my body. The other week I strained my quad. I knew something was close to snapping but I pushed myself anyways. Then I couldn’t practice for a week. That sucked more than how I would’ve felt just taking it easy for a practice and having a good stretch that night. That’s what I’m doing to my shoulder right now. It’s telling me that somethings close to breaking, so I’m icing the hell out of it and giving it some good stretches. It’ll get better.

I destress. There’s a lot of ways I do this. There’s a packet of semi-sweet chocolate chips in my freezer that gets dipped into every once in a while. I watch Netflix (current obsession is the Blacklist). The newest and so far best de-stresser in my life is the yoga practice I go to at the U of A rec. There’s something so invig
orating about a 12 o’clock yoga class. I can’t begin to describe how content I feel after walking out of that room.

This was a pretty long post and I really appreciate you sticking it out with me. I know I wasn’t very good about posting this last week, but I’m back in a big way! If nothing else is happening on the blog you can always feel free to follow my on Instagram and Twitter!

How do you keep your body healthy?