Saturday, September 5, 2015

One Month In!

I've been blogging for exactly a monthish now! Not only do I feel like I'm doing better than my first attempt, I have proof! Those 8 people following me on Bloglovin' are eight more than I had before! I know, intimidating numbers right?

I'm really liking where my blogs headed so far and I'm happy with the responses I'm getting! My numbers are small right now, but time will take care of that, and for now I'm just focusing on being myself and saying what's on my mind.

To improve your and my experience with all this, I've got a new schedule I'll be sticking to! At least, I'll stick to it as best I can. Being slightly flighty doesn't go hand in hand with sticking to a deadline.

Here's my plan!

Saturdays and Wednesdays will be for my regular ramblings/rants/thoughts/anything that I decide is interesting to write about. Fridays will be for something a little different. I've decided to try something new out at least once a week. I'll be going to events, hanging out with new people, or even seeing a movie. Anything new and exciting will work! And once I experience it, I'll share it with everyone!

We'll see how well I can stick with all this, but I think it's important to try!

What do ya'll do to keep a schedule? Help me out!