Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rant Time: Roommate Edition

Time for a good old fashioned rant.

It’s always a little awkward with new roommates. Three roommates who already know each other and you’re the odd man out? That’s fucking ridiculous. It’s also the situation I’m in right now.

So when that shit happens it’s important to keep things open and honest. The key ingredient of any drama is secrecy, or even just a lack of communication. I know that. I actually thought it was a general knowledge! So it pisses me off when I walk in a room and am figuratively shit on by a roommate.

The thing is, I’m not a clean person. I know this. The people I lived with before know this. My main problem is I don’t immediately wash my dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I always do them. It’s just not a right-after-I-eat kind of thing. And this bothers my roommates.

Now I’m not saying that messiness isn’t something worth getting upset over. It’s not something that bothers me but that doesn’t mean I don’t see why it bothers others. What does and is bothering me is I wasn’t told anything until tonight. And really, “told” isn’t the right word. Yelled at; that’s more accurate. I really, really don’t like being yelled at, especially when I was unaware I was causing any friction to begin with.

So here’s what I would like to say to my roommates:

If I do something you don’t like, then FUCKING TELL ME. I don’t read minds. If I don’t know I’m doing something you don’t like then I can’t fucking change what you don’t like you dumbass. Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to just complain to each other about someone who lives ten feet away?! I get that we don’t know each other that well, but it’s obvious to a lot of others that I’m a friendly person. If you come to me and we have a conversation about what’s bugging you then we’ll both come out on the other side just fine. Instead ya’ll just decided to bitch and bottle it up when I’m around until the pressure got so intense you blow up in my face! I don’t fucking appreciate the lack of courtesy that takes. I hate it a lot more than you hate coming home to a goddamn dirty kitchen.

Of course I can’t actually say that. I have manners. And no, I’m not a total hypocrite by complaining about my roommates who complain about me. I told them the polite version of the previous paragraph; that I’d appreciate being told about anything that bothers them, especially before they bottle it up and things get messy.

I’m really hoping this is just a one time awkwardness. I’ve already done the shitty roommate situation and it’s not a fun time. One of the reasons why I like open conversations and communication is because I hate angry confrontations. I’m honestly a pretty sensitive person so someone being vicious towards me either makes me incredibly, thought-blocking angry; or it sends me in a downward spiral. Tonight it was the latter, and it’s not a way I like to end my day.
I hope all ya’ll are having a better Sunday than I am.


What’s your best/worst experience with roommates?