Friday, November 6, 2015

Judgment at the Gym

Hey ya'll! It's been a while and I had a pretty good post planned for today. It was about managing a crazy schedule. I even had some cute pictures of my planner! But it’s gonna have to wait.

I had a fucking experience today in the gym, and it wasn’t a great one. I don’t have practice today but it’s important to stay limber on my off days so I went. I always warm up with a run on the treadmill and depending on how horrible I feel afterwards I’ll lift some heavy things.

This is how my workout went today:
1.      Ran my warmup mile
2.      Did my usual squats, lunges, biceps and triceps, random core things
3.      Got back on the treadmill for some more cardio when two guys walked into the gym. One looked at the other and said (this is a direct quote) “bitches and their treadmills”. 


Bitches and their treadmills?

 Is this a joke?

Let me tell you something you misogynistic, judgmental, fuckface. Have you been here the last hour? Do you know what kind of shit I’m putting my body through? Of course not! You weren’t there! You have no idea what my body needs. So fuck off!

There are three reasons this kind of statement really irritates me.
For one, it’s very pretentious to lump an entire group of anyone together. I’m aware that women tend to drift towards the cardio equipment. Sometimes it’s for silly reasons like being intimidated by the machines (I’ve been there. Once you do it the first time and look at the directions it loses the scariness) and sometimes it’s because they like the way cardio makes them look and feel, and sometimes—like with me—we’re just in the middle of a workout that’s taking us all over the gym. Either way, you can’t know what it is unless you’re in their heads.

Secondly, is it really this guy’s business if I am the type of “bitch” who is always running on a treadmill? Why should he care that I spend my time running my ass off? Have you ever spent an hour on the treadmill?! I have (once). And it killed me. Running is such a good workout for you. It’s a full body exercise and there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it. My personality type just has an aversion to doing the same thing constantly, plus rugby is a sport that requires weight lifting. That doesn’t mean I judge other people for what they do. It’s their body for fuck’s sake.

And finally, who the fuck says something like that!? Even if you have all those terrible, judgy thoughts, it’s not necessary to spit them into the world and poison the rest of us with them. Also, I’m aware that the only reason this lovely individual said that shit out loud in the first place is because my headphones were in and he didn’t realize I was between songs. It was just a mean thing to say and I don’t see why it was necessary at all. It really showed a general lack of respect, especially towards us bitches.

I know I’ve been away for a while, and I’m sorry my first post was loaded with so many fuck bombs but this was something I really had to get off my chest. At least that jerk gave me a second wind of anger to make it through that last mile!