Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Breaking the Silence


Time to break my blogging silence by TOTALLY.NERDING.OUT!


If not, don’t worry. I’m not gonna spoil anything for you except for saying that it.was.AMAZING!!!!! And also anyone who’s hating on it is a total poop. I just saw it for the second time and it was everything I wanted it to be. Total package. The director and screen writers did an amazing job of bringing back the spirit of the original trilogy while also making it accessible to the new generation of badass nerds who are now Star Wars fans. I was so impressed with the character development of all the main characters, especially the villain. He was sooooo cool! I’ve already geeked out to all my friends about my new obsession with him. I know there’s been some hate towards the actor but I honestly thought he did a spectacular job!

Okay, I got that out of my system. I’ll be honest, I tried to make my first post back as a really nice statement on the holidays, and the importance of family, and all that nonsense; but it really wasn’t flowing. And as soon as I started writing about Star Wars my fingers were just flying. So, oops! Guess the sappiness will have to wait!

Instead, I’m gonna take you through everything I’m excited to read and/or watch over the next long while.

1.       ALL THE SUPERHERO MOVIES! It may not surprise you to know I’m absolutely obsessed with all movies/tv shows that involve a superhero. It started way back when with teenytiny Ellie geeking out over Smallville, and kinda mutated and grew from there. Here’s a taste of where my interests lie:
·         Batman vs Superman
·         Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix
·         Justice League
·         Captain America: Civil War
·         Thor: Ragnarok
·         X-Men Apocalypse
·         Wonder Woman
·         Deadpool
·         Suicide Squad
·         Doctor Strange
·         The Avengers
·         The Flash
·         I just realized I’ll never be able to finish this list and I should have just left it with ALL OF THEM.

2.      The Man In the High Castle My ma and I just started watching the Amazon series of this and it’s so good I’m just gonna have to snag it from my friend and read the original book by Phillip K. Dick. Basically it’s a “what if the Nazis won the war” dystopia kind of novel.

3.      The Jungle Book they’re making a live action version of it and the preview is amazing!!!! (I know I’m using that word to describe a lot of things, but it’s possible for a lot of things to be amazing so I’m sticking with it)

4.      Harry Potter and the Cursed Child/Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them Harry Potter will always be my favorite book series. It spanned my entire childhood and now JK Rowling has become the gift that keeps on giving!

5.      Dracula I’ve been reading this book for about a year now (thanks to college for getting in the way of that) and damnit, I’m gonna finish it soon! It’s an amazing horror read, and that’s coming from someone who generally doesn’t like the horror genre.

I’m honestly not the most diehard nerd ever (not even close), and there are some part of the culture that I’m not a huge fan of i.e the incredibly common objectification of women (thank you Star Wars for breaking the mold and showing a strong female lead in all the right ways). It’s still a world that I love being a part of and I’m SO EXCITED for all of the new releases that are coming our way!