Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Down With the Sickness

I have the immune system of a mouse. Or a sick, cancer-ridden child. Or possibly a tiny newborn baby that literally just popped out of the womb and hasn't experienced the world enough to have immunity to anything. Whatever kind of thing I can compare my immune system to, the point is it sucks. A lot. 

And so, with my shitty immune system, I just spent the first part of my second week of school in bed. You'd think, as someone who spends a majority of winter and a big chunk of summer in bed with colds, I'd be used to it by now and could push through the pain. You'd be thinking wrong. I usually pride myself on my ability to push through anything, but I have two exceptions: head injuries, and colds. One is because of safety/depression reasons, and one is because I'm a huge baby. I'll leave you to guess which belongs to which. 

The thing is, when I'm sick it's not like I can just lie in bed and do my reading. I can't. It hurts to move, it hurts to sit up, and it hurts to lie down. I need sleep to get better but I can't sleep for too long because my nose and throat get clogged up with mucus if I don't blow my nose every five minutes. So now I'm four days behind in my reading, and I'm putting myself even further behind with the procrastination skills of a demigod. Seriously, people should worship me. 

Anyways, I'm officially done using my blog as a way to blow off homework. 

Stay healthy friends.