Friday, September 2, 2016

Passionate People Deserve a Passionate Response

Let's talk about how amazing it is to see someone who is truly passionate about something.

Personally, I rarely feel more attracted to someone than when they're open and sharing something they've worked hard on, or deeply contemplated. Something that makes their eyes widen and their bodies tense up with the effort of not splooging all over the place with the joy and excitement they're feeling. You have not felt frustration until you've sat across from someone sharing their work and the only way to express your appreciation is to kiss them. Except to kiss them requires them to stop which would be a disservice to humanity so you just have to sit and suffer in all their glory. 

That example might have been a little extreme, but you see my point?
This is something I've tried to convey to multiple people and I'm genuinely surprised by the lack of response I get. You see, I bring this up whenever I notice it. Whenever I notice someone pouring their heart out over a topic without caring what people think, or even better, when they care deeply what someone thinks and push ahead past that anxiety, so great is their need to share. As my good friend Michael once said, "THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW" in the calm, measured way that is his nature. But when I point it out, I usually get a pretty lackluster response. It's possible (definite) that I'm a weirdo, but you'd think people would be quicker to notice how a person shines when they love something. And I'm not just talking about getting worked up about feminism, or the Black Lives Matter movement, or a really interesting, life-changing article (though all of those are ridiculously awesome). It's also when my friend does a complete K-Pop dance that she taught herself watching music videos, or the sketches thrown up on Instagram, or when a discussion pops up about the Disney Renaissance princesses versus today's princesses, or when we talk about what music truly moves us. It's anything and everything! 

For instance, there are few things that get me so excited as sharing the impact Harry Potter had on my childhood. The late night releases at Borders, the sneaky way J.K. snuck in morals and socially forward thinking, the tears I shed over the death of my favorite character. Or how incredible Alt-J's music and videos are. I have never been so enthralled in a music video as I was watching Breezeblocks, and Taro has some of the most stunning imagery I've ever seen (also the fact that anyone would write a song about one of the first female photojournalists is just so incredible). There's also the rage I feel towards teachers who don't put books with harsh lessons and mature subjects into their high school syllabi because they don't want to give teenagers the wrong impressions, LIKE HOW LIFE DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK OUT AND THAT'S OKAY, OR HOW DRUGS, MASTURBATION, AND ABUSE IS SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS AND THERE'S ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND THE FEELINGS YOU'RE GOING THROUGH. But sure, no, who wants teens to know any truly valuable lessons, whatever. Let's read Romeo and Juliet again and talk about how dumb 14 year olds are, that'll do a lot of good. 

The list of things I can get talking about is long and constantly expanding (hence the blog), and that's something I love about myself. I hope this will encourage all of you to invigorate your lives with passion and add another reason as to why you're ridiculously attractive to the world.


And if anyone's wondering, the guy in the picture is my dad, showing off the raging strangeness he passed on to his daughter