Monday, October 5, 2015

Take A Soul Day

There’s something I haven’t been able to do since I got back to Tucson, and to be honest it’s starting to wear me down.

I haven’t had a soul day.

It’s a day I can take entirely for myself, doing whatever I want to do in whatever relaxing spot I want to do it in. It’s something that I think every person needs every once in a while. You know, treat yo’self J

And in case you’re wondering, lying in bed all day with a hangover (even if you don’t do anything productive) does not count. Soul days are deliberate! They’re for soul recuperation, not for accidentally sleeping all day. Purposefully sleeping all day; that’s a soul day.

I have a few criteria to make a perfect soul day:

It’s gotta feel like a vacation. For me, this means I have to go somewhere. Not very far, just somewhere further than my apartment complex (which actually does have an amazing, relaxing pool. It’s just not good enough for a full on soul day.)

It’s gotta be beautiful. I need something pretty to look at, because the whole point of my soul days is I’m not doing anything. I’m just sitting and watching. It’s ridiculously relaxing to look at a beautiful scene and just soak it in.

It’s gotta have good food. I don’t really need to explain this, right?

Back home my perfect place to go is Lake Tahoe. It's a spot that meets all my standards and is constantly recharging my soul. I go there with friends, with my family, and by myself. Just thinking about it right now makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, though that’s possibly because I’m catching a cold and just downed a couple gulps of cough syrup.

It’s really important for everyone to find their own version of a soul day. Taking care of your body is all well and good, but it’s not worth it if you can’t be happy too.

So the new goal is to find that kind of spot in Tucson. Anyone with ideas?? Got a cool spot you’d like to share? I’d love to hear any and all suggestions!